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Digital Champions visit Fujitsu!

At the end of May the CAE Digital Champions once again went on an adventure away from their colleges across the UK to join us at the Fujitsu head offices in Baker Street, London.
The trip to visit a CAE partner is a key part of the programme, as it offers the students a chance to see what it’s like to work within the technology industry and in particular to learn about the some of the biggest companies in the sector.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and knowledge of the team at Fujitsu, including Offerings Manager Nathan Wheeler and Education Sales Specialist Gill Tippett, the Digital Champions who attended were treated to talks which would inform, entertain and set them up for the next steps into their future careers. Topics included the digitisation of the workplace and Fujitsu’s Ambassador programme. Justin Harling, CAE’s Managing Director, also spoke, encouraging the students on their journey and talking about some of the amazing statistics of digital life.


fujitsu visit3


One of the highlights of the day was an interesting talk about Futjisu’s apprenticeship and graduate schemes, where current employees on these programmes discussed their experiences and shared valuable information on how this year’s students could be in their place next year! The real treat of the day, however, was a visit to Fujitsu’s Innovation Centre. This hub of exciting technology featured palm-based gadgets, recognition software and many other cutting-edge developments, giving the students an unprecedented view into the future of Fujitsu’s technology offering.

Overall, the day provided CAE’s digital champions with a hugely enjoyable experience, as well as a chance to step out from their learning and into their potential future careers.