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Digital Champions 2016: One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

Our Digital Champions programme has been running successfully throughout 2016, with students from colleges across the country taking part in assignments, trips and talks to encourage their interest in the technology industry. As we look to start choosing the winner of this year’s programme, there’s time for reflection about the achievements of this year and hopes for next year’s programme.

The journey this year’s digital champions took started when they submitted their applications. This year, the application challenge was to design an app which would positively influence their life in further education. The submissions were fantastically varied, well thought-out and designed with their real-life usage in mind. CAE set about choosing a shortlist of the best three, and the students then voted for their two favourites. From these two, CAE chose one to be analysed by digital media company Purple Fruit, who told us that creating the app would be a challenge: but for our Digital Champions it will be a project to look forward to. As the app designing was such a popular task, the 2017 programme will find the successful applicants bringing the design to life in a series of projects. Digital Champions 2017 will have an app to their name!

Some colleges were inspired by the chance to design and even added it to their curriculum. Joseph Prevost, IT Tutor at Strodes College in Surrey, said the assignment was “a great competition for the students at Strode’s College. We were able to link the competition into our assignments which gave the students more of a challenge. Within six weeks the students were able to deliver a mobile application in JQuery to a very good standard.” This is great news, and we hope that the Digital Champions from other colleges across the UK have had a similar impact within their colleges.

The rest of this year’s programme was filled with similar excitement, with trips to the Gadget Show and the Fujitsu head offices filling up a calendar of events which made sure the students were both having fun and getting tips on the industry. You can read about these events here.
This August – October will be your chance to join the Digital Champions scheme 2017, so keep your eyes peeled for your chance to join.

With opportunities to create applications, visit vendors and get free tickets to tech exhibitions, this year’s programme is not to be missed! Watch this space…