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CAE Opens Doors for Graduates with Brand New Training Scheme

CAE extends it’s business offering with a new, innovative and rewarding graduate training scheme.

After the success of our Digital Champions programme, where students from colleges across the country take part in assignments, trips and talks to encourage interest in technology, we have decided to enhance the way CAE recruits university graduates. With the IT sales and services industry as a whole suffering from a shortage of really good account management staff, CAE has refreshed its approach to recruitment to maintain its leadership in executive support.

CAE has already recruited their first cohorts onto the scheme, all with a diverse educational background. From Lily Gillan, a Greenwich University Drama graduate to Tom Blackburn, a Sports Management graduate from Buckinghamshire New University, the training scheme is designed to give inspired and motivated graduates a strong foundation in the digital and technology sector.

Recent graduates with a special interest in technology will benefit from a role with us, as we have a history of training and investing in local talent. Successful candidates will be based in our London office, targeting a range of sectors and receiving a first-hand introduction to sales and support.

The graduate training programme will be challenging, rigorous and competitive as these new employees will be expected to get up to speed very quickly with a number of our most important product ranges including Cisco Meraki.

Justin Harling, our Managing Director, comments: “This is a unique opportunity for local graduates with a real interest in the digital industry. Recent graduates live and breathe technology and are very digitally aware, so we are excited about what these recruits will bring to the company.”

“Not only are our recent recruits learning a wide-range of digital skills and engaging in all aspects of business, they’re given the opportunity to bring their fresh ideas onto the table. It’s a challenging but very rewarding scheme and we’re already looking forward to next year’s intake.”

We wish them the best of luck and are continuing to extend a warm CAE welcome to the new recruits!

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